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Its New Year's Day, some of you are heading back to work tomorrow after a break. Tonight for 2 hours (ish) at 10pm(UK Time) pull up the footstool, relax and enjoy Progressive rock at its best. SilverBack has managed to squeeze 4 tracks into slightly more than 2 hours for your listening pleasure, come on in.

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The last 'Harry Ho's international Rock Garden' in 2018!

Crank up your amps 🔊 from 8pm🕗- 10pm🕙 UK time!


Bands amongst others from these countries:
Portugal, Nepal, Sweden, Italy, Romania, Russia and Tunisia

And on the TuneIn app - http://tunein.com/station/?StationId=202769

You can also get us on iTunes - go to iTunes>internet radio>classic rock>MyRock Radio

Please share! Cheers! 👍

Picture credit: Erik von Lehmann

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Tonight's CC Badass Show will be a rebroadcast of a previously aired show. Midnight-2am UK time.

CC Badass Productions Presents
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28. Dezember 2018 um 09:04

The latest gig review for your reading pleasure! The Sunny Devils and Dead Coyotes EP launch gig!
Written by the most awesome Craig Borland!!
Read it HERE:

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