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“Big Davy” is back on “MyRock Radio” tonight between 8pm & 10pm (UK Time) with another 2 hours of great Rock and Metal. This week tracks from: -

Mason Hill, Saxon, Doomsday Outlaw, Kim Jennett, Hell's Addiction, Aerosmith, Battle Beast, Alter Bridge, Piston, Weapon-UK, The New Roses, AC/DC, The Howling Tides, Animal Drive, THEIAuk, Black Whiskey, UFO, Crossfire, Tara Lynch - OfficialPage, Dumpys Rusty Nuts, Zal Cleminson's /Sin'Dogs/ plus lots more.

MyRock Radio available vi...a: -

TuneIn App “MyRock Radio”;

Itunes “Internet Radio/Classic Rock/MyRock Radio”;

And online at www.myrockradio.com

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The CC Badass Show tonight will be featuring those hot southern hellraisers, Sons of Liberty UK tonight! A wee interview, and full airing of their latest EP! Join me at Midnight-2am GMT on www.myrockradio.com
Piston , Kris Barras Band, The Cadillac Three, Statement DK, Flight Brigade, Stone Broken, Slash, RIVAL SONS, King King, Hell's Addiction, Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics Myrock Radio

TuneIn app - http://tunein.com/station/?StationId=202769
iTunes - go to iTunes>int...ernet radio>classic rock>MyRock Radio

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It's not been a bad week but it's now time for the weekend to kick in and what better way to usher out the week than with Jaspa and the Heads Up Rock Show. Tune in from 10pm to Midnight for less chat - more rock and learn to
LIVE YOUR LIFE LOUD \m/ #allrockisgoodrock

Okay folks, do you still collect patches on your old denim? Some of us gave this up many years ago, others still wear and add to the collections... so show us your patches!


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7. März um 12:00

Tonight's Fatman's Rock Show.

The Fatman's Rock Show
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6. März um 01:00

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Tonight (Wednesday Mar 6th) @ 10pm UK time, I'm back in the hot seat for The Fatman's Rock Show

As always on the Wednesday show, it's all abou...t new music, and the line up is as follows -

Tora Tora, Grand Magus, Bus, Jinjer, Månegarm, monkey3, Neal Morse Band, Iron Bastards, Mark Phillips & Friends, Attika, Visceral Noise Department, Vandoliers, Dragon Welding, Legado de una Tragedia Oficial, Rock Goddess Official, Liliac (2 songs), Avandra, The Dead Daisies, My Demons Galore, Imperia, Walls Of Blood, Demon Hunter, and Luke and the Apostles.

The Fatman's Rock Show - every Wednesday and Thursday night at 10pm UK time on -

TuneIn app - http://tunein.com/station/?StationId=202769
iTunes - go to iTunes>internet radio>classic rock>MyRock Radio

'On Demand' shows are all here - https://www.spreaker.com/user/fatmanrocks

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